About OTB

What We Do

OTB Consulting Group is an outsource agency specializing in marketing and business development for medical practices, ancillary healthcare services, and the medical specialist.

Based in Oceanside, California, we serve all of Southern California, and  our clients base is made up of individual family medical practices,  specialized medical practices, veterinary hospitals, ambulance providers, home health agencies providing skilled care,  and on occasion – a small business entrepreneur or two. We’ve helped all kinds of healthcare businesses successfully grow, improve their position in their market, and generate higher revenues, and we are expanding to help more businesses with  our services, daily.

Through a unique mix of relevant marketing strategies, OTB Consulting Group will address your start-up or long-term needs to generate customer loyalty and delivers the highest quality patients, looking for what your practice or small business provides.

We believe that we offer the best and most reliable means of marketing success for medical practices,  ancillary healthcare service agencies, and small businesses that are both in a “start-up” phase, or emerging in competitive markets – assuring continued success.

“Outside-the-Box” – Our Mindset & Business Model

In today’s world, a new generation of marketing agencies offer only certain marketing services – but not “the whole Megillah”.  For instance, they offer “Social Media” services – but not “Relationship Building” or “Event Marketing”. We find that to be like offering to do the work, but not rolling up you sleeves to do the job.

When you choose OTB Consulting Group, you can have your cake… but the frosting, candles, and a scoop of Ice cream to boot!  Our business development model leaves nothing to chance. We provide a thorough approach that easily puts our customized marketing and business development strategy to good use and provides you measurable results.

A Goal & Purpose

OTB Consulting Group offers a litany of services to benefit your practice or business, including:

•  SEO
•  Graphic Design and Print Marketing
•  Reputation Management
•  Relationship Building
•  Video and LIVE Streaming Marketing
•  Social Media Marketing
•  Press Releases & Public Relations
•  Payer Contracting / Contract Negotiation & Renegotiation
•  Contract Management  & Reimbursement Rate Analysis

We go the extra-mile to provide a results-oriented marketing strategy ensures long-term success that’s sustainable.

40-Years: Our Leader’s Success Story

When Scot Sturtevant started OTB Consulting Group in 2013, He had already worked within the medical field as a Paramedic, and then on to various leadership positions. March of 2017, will mark Scot’s 40th year in the healthcare industry.

Scot is a nationally known healthcare  expert, and held the position of Director
of Business Development with Care Medical Transportation in San Diego, until
June 2013.

During this time he led marketing teams and provided data analysis, and developed business strategies that provided consistently positive and  sustainable results. Scot has assisted in the design and development of strategies for competitive processes throughout the Southern California region, provides onsite and offsite instruction on the areas of “risk” or potential “risk” in marketing, as it pertains to payor reimbursement.

Scot also continues to provide consultation and training in the areas of compliance with Medicare statutes and regulations.